RCTimer Legacy 3-осевой БК подвес для DSLR

Производитель: RCTimer
Модель: Leg3x
Наличие: Нет в наличии
Цена: 30,500р.

3х осевой БК подвес для зеркальных камер.

Product Instruction:
This product is suitable for DSLR cameras such as Canon 5DMark II /5D Mark III, 7D, SONY Sony 900, NIKON Nikon D900/D800E / D700/D800 etc.
All Tubes are made of Japan Pure Carbon 3000 psi woven CFRP ( 2.5mm wall thickness ) at 25mm diameter (not 3000 psi fiberglass tube). This specification is higher grade than similar products in the market and meets the standard of pro-commercial grade. The Gimbal’s triaxial Center of Gravity can be adjusted for precise balance.

The Gimbal’s triaxial rotating parts are made of aluminum , on large flange bearings to reduce the stress on the motor, allowing the motors to rotate smoothly.
Three high-power 5208 professional Gimbal motors. The Yaw Axis motor shaft is hollow, allowing wiring through the middle of the motor, reducing twisting during continuous rotation. The motor’s center hole diameter is 12.7mm, accepting 12 wire Slip ring installation.
The Gimbal tube clamps are made of Φ25mm imported FR-PA thermal injection molded plactic. These plastic pipe clamps have very good elasticity and grip strength while holding carbon tubes, avoiding slips, and scratching the carbon tubes.
Brushless motor direct drive;

Gimbal Size: 290*241*349mm


Max Load:3KG

Контролер в комплект не входи и преобретается отдельно. 

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