DJI WooKong-H

Производитель: DJI
Модель: wookong-h
Наличие: В наличии
Цена: 66,400р.

WKH 6DoF (6 degrees of Freedom) IMU with barometer and proprietary algorithm, WKH ensures high quality stabilization autopilot for all hobby RC helicopters. Electronic phasing and built in tail gyro for two and multi-blades; all 3-servos swash-plate design currently on the market. WKH provides 3 flight modes; manual (with FBL stabilization), ATTi and GPS ATTi. Our proprietary GPS/INS provides excellent position hold to within 2-meter in horizontal hold and 1-meter in vertical hold. Semi auto take off and landing is now standard feature. This is a free upgrade for all WooKong owners purchased the units previously


Swash support - Normal, Three Servo 120°/140°/90°, Four Servo 90°
Recommended Transmitter - PCM or 2.4GHz minimum 7 channels and Failsafe function available on all channels
Operating Temperature – 0°C to 70°C
Hovering Accuracy: Vertical : ± 1.0m Horizontal : ± 1.5 - 2m
Suitable Wind Condition: > 8m/s (17.7mph)
Forward / Backward Speed: ± 72 Km/h (44.74mph)
Left / Right Speed: ± 56.7 Km/h (35.77mph)
Operating system – Windows XP, Vista < Windows 7 (32 bits only)
Cyclic Servos – 50 Hz
Tail Servo Frequency Response:
760us – 333Hz ,560Hz
1520us – 125Hz,165Hz,165Hz,270Hz,333Hz.


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Инструкция Eng- DJI Wookong-H


Built In Functions:
FBL Or Flybarred
Tail Gyro
Fail-safe Hover
Engine Governor For Nitro/gasser



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